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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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what was supposed to be a simple sale turned deadly tonight in san francisco. good evening. i'm ama dates. the victim and gunman met on-line and were supposed to meet for the sale.ead the sellep dead. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at the hall of justice for the latest on this developing story. it is hard ama, it is hard to be someone was killed over a video game system, but that's what happened earlier today. san francisco police say a man was shot in his car near bay shore boulevard and gerald avenue. investigators say the victim arranged on-line to sell his video game system, but the face-to-face meeting that took place a few blocks away turned violent quickly. the perspective buyer shot the man a couple times and then took off. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital and now investigators are trying to find witnesses and any surveillance video. two new video game systems were released in recent weeks. ps4 and xbox 1. but police aren't giving out any information on the stolen
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item. >> we don't give that information out because only the police and the suspect and the victim knows what gaming console it is should we make an arrest with the person carrying it. we don't want to give the information out. >> san francisco police say if you do arrange to meet with someone in order to buy or sell something, the best place is to be -- is to meet somewhere public. sfpd encourages people to use the lobby at one of their police stations and all are open and staffed 24/7. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> good idea, thank you, lilian. breaking news in belmont. that's where firefighters quickly distinguished a fire at a large apartment complex. the fire broke out in a stairwell. the fire crews called for additional help, but they didn't need it as they put out the fire within minutes of arriving. nobody was hurt. a serious accident snarled traffic leaving the bay bridge in san francisco.
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a car went into the pole from westbound interstate 80. a man suffered serious injuries and he was unconscious when they pulled him from the car. the highway patrol closed the fifth street off-ramp for more than an hour. an off duty firefighter pulled four people to safety from a burning car on the 580 freeway. it was about 9:30 when a recently restored volkswagen bug burst into flames on eastbound 24. a woman and three children were inside the car, but they were not injured. an amazing survival story. a boy who fell into a pond and was under water for about 10 minutes is alive and expected to make a full recovery. john alston has the story from vallejo. >> he just rescued a child. it hit home and made me feel dwrful for my friends and family that i have. >> saturday afternoon vallejo fire department paramedic jumped into this creek looking for a 2-year-old boy who had fallen in.
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she was up to her neck in nasty pond scum and time was running out because the child had been underwater for about 10 minutes. >> i realize he was sucked into the culvert under the road. i can just barely see the white t-shirt and i was able to grab him and pull him toward me and lift him up over toward ward. >> ward is paramedic jason ward who is helping to pinpoint the child from the creek bank. >> she was able to locate the victim, the little child and handed him to myself and the ambulance and we rushed him to the ambulance and that's when we performed the medical procedures. >> this happened next to six flags. the boy's elderly grandmother was here when she sliped in. she normally tethers the boy's waist to keep him from the water, but she had not done that yet. >> she made several unsuccessful attempts and bystanders saw her in the water and she screamed to him. another one of her friends with the car went to get her phone to call 9-1-1. a bystander walked in.
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>> it is such a great outcome. it seems like this child is going to be doing well. that always warms your heart. things don't always work out well. >> the fire department has been told the child should make a full recovery. abc7 news. oakland teen sasha fleishman is excited to return to school. she neither identifies as female or male. fleishman's skirt was set on fire while on an ac transit bus. there were second to third-degree burns to the legs and is okay now. here is a live look outside right now. here is blee -- leigh glaser. >> we are seeing clear skies and a few high clouds out there. let's look at live doppler 7hd. not a lot of changes you will
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see this evening. fog will creep into the protected valley areas, but as we go up stream that is the big change. the cold front is moving south. it will bring out a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge tomorrow, but it will be a pocket of cold, cold air that sinks in here on tuesday. a lot of wind and a cold blast and that will prompt some freeze warnings and advisories for much of the bay area as we head into wednesday and thursday and friday. how cold? you are not going to believe these numbers. we will show them to you coming up in a bit. >> thank you, leigh. vestigators are trying to determine what caused a commuter train to derail in new york city. four people were killed and more than 60 injured. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> a late night investigation after a nightmare early morning train derailment in new york city. >> it was like a movie scene. >> seven passenger train cars careening off the tracks.
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two toppling on their sides, killing four people and hurting more than 60 others. throwing some of the more than 100 on boardseats.heir seats. >> the next thing i know two people from across the train come flying and land on top of me. >> the metro north train left paw kip see, new york grand central terminal. they were rounding a curve in the bronx and somehow derailed. investigators now looking into unconfirmed reports the train may have been speeding. there are other unverified claims that the conductor tried to hit the brakes, but they failed. >> our mission is to understand not just what happens, but why it happened. with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> the trains remaining here on the banks of the harlem river until they finish inspecting each car where two men and two women lost their lives. >> i will ask all new yorkers to remember them in your prayers.
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tonight it is most unfortunate that this comes during the holiday season. i think it is a reminder to all of use is a precious gift. >> officials believe everyone has been accounted for, but investigators are bringing cranes in to lift these cars up right in part to make certain that there is no one still trapped underneath. abc news in the bronx, new york. >> one person has died and three people are in custody after an altercation in the parking lot outside today's kansas city, chiefs game of the the victim returned to his car from the game and found a stranger inside. the two began fighting. the victim was found unconscious on the pavement. he later died at the hospital. seattle police arrested a man accused of stealing a ferry. ferry staff saw the boat pull away and called police when they realized an employee was not he helm. they eventually hooked the boat to a tugboat and were able to capture the suspect. tonight we learn an 85-year-old palo alto man held
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in north korea trained an anti-communist guerrilla unit. this photo shows meryl newman posing. he is alleged looy apologizing for helping the guerrillas. they are trying to help them get their families out of north korea. >> that lead to him seeking some of the people in north korea and it lead to those people picking him up off the plane and detaining him at the present time. >> in palo alto they have tied yellow ribbons outside the retirement facility where newman and his wife live. the swedish embassy is working with north korea to get new map released. the thanksgiving holiday rush appears to have ended at bay area airports. about 124,000 people traveled through san francisco international today. sfo peaked on the friday before with 130,000 travelers and that compares to 116,000 on a typical day. none of our local airports
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reported major delays today. fewer people are flying through oakland airport than a few years ago. passenger traffic has dropped five million people since 2007. that's when virgin america launched in san francisco and fellow discount carrier southwest and jetblue both began serving sfo. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the future of on-line shopping of the the new technology one company wants to use to get your items delivered faster than ever. and later, another big shopping day ahead tomorrow. why this cyber monday could be the beggest ever. and hundreds of bay area residents turn out t respects to their respects to "fast and
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oakland. a man died after being shot a little more than an hour ago.
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our media partner took this picture near school street. that's near interstate 580. the shooting happened just before 10:00 p.m. the victim died at the scene. police belbeen made. police believe the man's killer drove away in a green car. retailers are expecting a big day tomorrow during cyber monday when bargain-seeking consumers will log on in search of deals. retail research firm says they could set a new record. sales could reach close to $2 billion. coming up later this hour, why cyber monday could soon be a thing of the past. amazon is looking toward the skies for a new waydeliver u faster than ever. the company is testing package delivery by drones. this is video of how the prime air service would work. they would pick up packages and deliver them near the fulfillment centers. they hope to have the project up and running in a few
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years. the earliest would be 2015 when current f.a.a. rules and regulations about drones are expected to change. fast-food workers plan to continue a series of protests by walking off the job around the bay and across america on thursday. this follows a protest in oakland in october. marches are calling to pay workers at least $15 an hour. the international union and is leading the nationwide effort. the fast-food chain say most minimum wage jobs are for entry level workers age 25. investigators say speed was a factor in the car accident that killed "fast and furious" star paul walker, but they are trying to figure out how fast the porche was going when it hit a pole and exploded. walker died along with his friend and financial advisor near los angeles yesterday. back here in the bay area candles burned to honor walker's memory. a local car club organized the vigil at the mill pea
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dissquare shopping center. hundreds gathered to remember their loved ones on world aids day. more than 600 people were at the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park surrounded by pictures of loved ones the audience heard from speakers who urged them not to be complaisant and said the fight against aids and hiv is not over. today's ceremony ended with the reading of names engraved in the circle of friends. tonight the city of san francisco is showing its unity with world aids day. city hall is lit in red. the universal symbol of aware -- awareness and support of those living with hiv. it is time to turn to our weather. a big change with our temperatures. leigh glaser is here with that. >> we enjoyed the 60s and 70s this holiday weekend. the temperatures will be dropping only into the upper 40s, low 50s as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so yes, get out the parkas, the heavy coats because you are definitely going to need it.
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i want to show you live doppler 7hd bay area right here. just seeing a few high clouds, but we will take you up and you can see it toward oregon, port land and toward seattle and reporting a little light rain. this is actually this little specially -- specklly clouds. as the cold front pushes south it may be able to ring out a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge on monday night and early tuesday morning. but really the affect of this thing is going to be how cold it is going to get around the bay area. a nice shot and clear skies showing you the embarcadero and most locations are in the 50s as you see there from our sue trough cam. sutro cam. the bay bridge is in the background. napa as well as santa rosa in the mid40s. concord is at 50 degrees. here is a look at the forecast highlights. we will look for a cooler day
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tomorrow. a few showers developing mainly in the north bay. cold and windy through week. entire week. and it does look like freeze warnings will be up as we head into wednesday morning, tuesday and thursday. we will see a little high cloudiness. 30s in the north bay and 40s elsewhere and let's get to the timing of this thing. this is the frontal boundary right here. 11:00 and as it continues to sag south that is exactly -- it will exactly start to bring some moisture to the north bay. you can see monday afternoon, 3:00, this is where all of the cold air is. this is the cold front. it will move into sonoma county and possibly as far south as marin county with a chance of a few light showers and then continue to press on toward the south. it is the cold air mass behind it that will dive down. the wind will pick up out of the north. because of the insta belt we will keep a slight chance of a
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shower in our accu-weather forecast through about tuesday afternoon. now how cold in your nab? 64 is the high for oakland. check out thursday. it is only 52 degrees and if you are planning your week in san jose, 66 and that is pleasant. check out wednesday and thursday . it is only in the low 50s. you couple those temperatures with some very strong winds and we are talking windchill factors in the 40s. tomorrow we will look for ict ises, 50s along the coast. we will start to see a little moisture in the north bay. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, get ready for the big chill. especially on wednesday, thursday and friday. freeze warnings likely. the morning hours with the tender vegetation, you may have to cover some of the plants. it will be sunny at the end of the week, but it will be downright cold. >> thank you, leigh. shu is back from the 49ers back. nice win. >> they were not cold at all. the 49er offense found some
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offense against the rams as michael crabtree returned to action and everybody brought their game up a notch.
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big happy family with the return of michael crabtree. it seems colin like colin kaepek was in more of a zone. returning after tearing his achilles tendon six months ago. these two teams will face-off 129 times in this divisional match up. not fond of each other. all right, first quarter and kaepernick to my man, vernon davis. he was a high jumper in high school, hurdles mccloud for a game of 20 yards. i don't recommend this at home. dawson nails the second of three field goals on the day, 43 yards. 6-049ers. the second quarter and third and 15. connects for the fifth time of the drive. first down and a team leading nine receptions and 98 yards.
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next play and frank gore and pay dirt. 42 yards on the day, but his eighth td of the season. crabtree got to start and a great stop and go route. two catches and 68 yards. a rare frank gore fumble ends the drive. he said he scored too much -- he ate too much turkey or would have scored. 17 yards for the score. 275 yards and best game since week one. 23-6 niners. defense was suffocating all day. loss of 8 and under 4 minutes left and clemens pass was tipped in the air into the hands of carlos rogers. easy, peasy for him. they are now 8-4. >> a lot of guys respond -- a lot of the guys that answer the bell and play big in the big games and did that today jie. now we have everybody in
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sync. we know what to do. we are getting turnovers and we are tackling and we are playing 49er football. >> we discuss everything from the offense to leaping over defenders in a single bound and michael crabtree. hope you stick around. >> we'll take a quick timeout. career highs against the kings. that's the total
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and both teams are stuck in reverse. not a good start, power outage. lights off at sleep trine arena before -- sleep train arena before tipoff. green got it. they lead by as many as 16 in this game. thompson with a career high 8.
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steph curry take over in the fourth. warriors up one to just over two minutes left. he had 24 ties it at 113. after two curry free throws and get that out of here. 115-113 your final. a much need edwin for the warriors. -- a much needed win for the warriors. college hoops and stanford hosting south dakota state and cardinals scored the first 13 in the game. three of his 21 and they put up 58 points in the first half alone. then in the second and powell is show and go. stanford in a route 92-60 and they are now 6-2. right across the bay and he announced he will transfer before next season. with the true freshman quarterback and klein wasn't going to see much playing time in the future. he hasn't decided which school. how about san jose state? the latest bcs standings unveiled.
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a missed fold goal return and it gives the tigers an amazing 34-20 upset -- 38-28 upset of alabama. crimson tide falls to number four and auburn jumps to three. and stanford jumps one spot from eighth to seventh. rts report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up next, vernon's view. abc has teamed up with vernon davis. find out which nickname vernon has given his defense. that's coming right up jie. thank you, shu. if you weren't tempted by the black friday sales, cyber monday may lure you in. the best deals may be yet to come. plus it looks like something you would see at an amusement park. but it is a whole different type of experience. what these people are doing. stay with us. we will be right back after a quick break.
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vernon's view. abc7 and vernon davis have teamed up for this nfl season. every week we have special access to the 49er star after each game and get his side on the match up. we talked about the win over their division rival, the rams. >> huge victory. it is an honor to be able to come out this game with a victory. my teammates are happy. i am extremely happy and excited. we are ready for the next one. >> so all week they were talking about 3450eu cal -- about michael crab pre -- crabtree coming back. sometimes you have to remind people that, wait a minute, we are still out here. >> you definitely have to be a teammate. you have to be a team player. it is all about the team. once you figure that out
2:35 am
everything will excel for you. i don't care who you are. we are excited about having michael back. michael knows. he understands. his time will come. the great thing about it is that we have everyone out there. there is nothing better than that. as we continue to move forward , as a player, everyone on the offensive side of the ball will excel. >> michael only had two catches, but it seemed like kaep seemed to relax with his reinforcements back. did you feel like that? >> i think he did. i think he was really poised and he was keeping confident in himself and not only in himself, but he was confident about the weapon he's had around him. he always does a good job as far as just running the show. that's his job. that's what he is supposed to do. i think he did a tremendous job making plays and connecting with the wide
2:36 am
receivers and the tight ends. i just look forward to more in the upcoming days. >> he had too much turkey yesterday he said or he would have scored on that long one. >> did he? yeah, i gave him a hard time. i said, crab, you have to score on that. you are getting slow. >> the defense once again, phenomenal. >> as always. they come to play. they come to bring it. patrick willis and bowman, i call them the war daddies. they have their nose up in there and they are always looking to make a tackle. they do a wonderful job contributing and helping this team win. >> feck game. dash >> physical game. especially your division rivalry that will be one of those games that is tough. i can't explain it. it is tough.
2:37 am
that's how it will continue to be. we look forward to divisional games, but mostly getting a vector re. >> we talked about it last week. you were a high jumper in high school. one for your 50th career touchdown. what are you thinking if you are jumping over guys like that? >> just from playing the game, what i noticed is when ever i have the ball in my hand guys will try and take my knees out or ankle tackle me. i said to myself this guy is squating and he will jump right over him. i did it. i put the effort in and i was successful at it. i didn't come down on my side or elbow. i got it done. i just made plays. >> war daddy is our word for the week. he is fourth owl time in receptions for the 49ers with 50. we will talk more about that in the final two games at the stick tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.
2:38 am
next week the niners will play seattle. boy it will be a tough one at candlestick. we will have another edition of vernon's view next sunday night. vernon's view on abc7. >> thank you. marcus lattimore and boone and ronnie lott are teaming up with carly rae jepsen for a tree lighting ceremony. it will be held at the 555 california building tuesday night at 5:00. the event is free and open to the public. this holiday season, abc7 is teaming up with our local feeding america food banks. you can help. go to the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we will donate $1 in your honor to the bay area's feeding america food banks, up to $75,000. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win cash. $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced december 19th. kids in pleasanton worked to
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pack the last of 200,000 christmas meals for philippine typhoon victims. the group kids against hunger partnered with the blue oaks church. kids and volunteers packed 22 ,000 meals of rice, soy, vitamins and a vegetable blend into bags and boxes.l to c still to come, a record breaking weekend for retailers. why it wasn't all that big of a success. and why cyber monday could be a thing of the past. and get ready for a big cold -- well, it is going to get cold. but it will be more of a cool down. the accu-weather seven-day forecast is comi
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know?
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i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. you know, from a young age. i definitely want to major in political science. become the mayor or something. make the situation better for other people. my name is justin, and i am your dividend. tonight. more than 141 million americans went shopping this thanksgiving holiday weekend. that's up two million from last year.
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americans spent about 57.4 billion over the four-day weekend. while sales were down slightly on black friday, thanksgiving sales helped increase the two-day total by 2.3%. no sooner shoppers shoppers fih devouring bargains in the stores and now millions will go on-line to get more sweet deals. it is called cyber monday. this year experts say it could break records. shoppers are expected to spend nearly $2 billion on-line tomorrow. but as michael finney reports, the event has stretched to nearly a week of digital door busters. >> some folks love the chaos. the thrill of the hunt and the festive atmosphere of black friday shopping. others, not so much. >> i don't go out on black friday. i do it on-line. >> cyber monday, that is fantastic. you don't have to worry about fighting traffic or all of the other drama that goes along with shopping. >> best of all, cyber monday savings can be as big as the
2:44 am
deals in the store of the. >> consumers are going to be bombarded with sales and discounts and promotions as they already have for black friday. >> deal tracks holiday sales every year. he says you will find thousands more bargains on-line and fewer discounts on tv's and gadgets. >> the bulk of the deals on consumer electronics actually started one week before black friday. it does trickle into cyber monday, however, the volume is not as high. >> instead you will have a golden opportunity to fill your closet on a budget. >> cyber monday is the undefeated heavyweight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals. >> he says to expect mark downs of 20 to 80% across a retailer's website. the challenge is to pinpoint the best deals when the internet is so vast. >> i think the best tactic is know what you are shopping for so make a list. if you have spes particular -- specific brands orie taylors that you -- are on retailers
2:45 am
you like, sign up for their newsletter. >> sign up to get instant e-mail alerts when a product goes on sale, or follow a retailer on social media to get alerts and coupons. and he says if you want to shop cyber monday get on-line early. in fact, a whole day early. >> on cyber sunday -- typically they are all released early in the morning and because the hottest deals for the most part sell out really quickly, if there is something you gotta have, something on your wish list, o shop early wise to shop earlyn sunday morning. >> cyber fans say they are not camping out in front of a store. >> you don't have to go out at midnight which for some people is an attraction for me and for me it won't be. >> they are also offering free shipping and free returns for their cyber monday deals. it is something you want to check out to be sure you are actually saving. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> free shipping is golden.
2:46 am
fed ex expects tomorrow to be its busiest day ever. the shipping giant expects to move more than 22 million shipments on december 2nd. the company says the sharp increase is due to on-line holiday shopping. fed ex says it has hired tens of thousands of seasonal workers to deal with the demand. a r a record breaking weekend at the movies "the hunger games, catching fire" earned $75 million while 3-d animated " frozen" opened with 67 million. both topped the previous thanksgiving day record holder which was harry potter and the sourcer's stone. that was a longtime ago. a movie made in west oakland's dog town neighborhood will find out if it is eligible for the festival. it describes the lives of people who survive by recycling trash. the money to make "dog town redemption" was made on kick-starter. the film maker moved to dog town eight years ago and saw how poor urban planning turned
2:47 am
to turning the enclave. and a meal nearly 150 feet off the ground. a restaurant in mexico city is offering the unusual dinner time fare a 130-ton crane is used to lift the eight-ton platform which supports diners and staff. it is not cheap though. breakfast starts at $130 per person. i think that goes on that list of what to get everything. it will get really cold this week. >> and very windy. i don't think you want to do that kind of dining as we get to tuesday, wednesday and thursday. live doppler 7hd showing clouds near the coast. the storm system that is due in here really monday night and tuesday, well up in the pacific northwest of the travel wise, the central part of the country looks a-okay. mild at 68 degrees and 58 st.
2:48 am
louis. chicago the rain and 40 degrees new york and 46 degrees. we will look for a scattering of snow tomorrow at 35. the system up in the pacific northwest, you can see it right here. this is the leading edge of the cold front. it will slowly sag south and it should not bring the bay area that much in the way of rainfall. n gatenorth bridge and a few scattered showers. what it will bring us is some very cold air. in fact, cold wind and a chance of showers for our tuesday. check out the daytime highs. only in the 50s. wednesday low 50s. upper 40s inland. wednesday and thursday, that's when we will start to geezing the freezing zone. so freeze warning probably likely as we get into thursday morning and friday morning. so take care out there. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. s sh -- shu is here with sports. >> we will revisit the contest
2:49 am
and take you around the nfl. peyton manning and the broncos beat the chiefs
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. spot means the 49ers can take them one game at a time. the focus today is squarely on the rams and the return of michael crabtree. it is not next sunday's showdown with seattle. talking pre game smack and the
2:52 am
niners will get the last laugh. the first quarter and kaepernick to vernon davis. up and over. the ham spring -- hamstring injury is no longer an issue. second of three field goals on the day. 43 yards and 6-049ers. we go to the second quarter and on third and 15. he finds anquan boldin and boldin with a team leading nine reception for 98 yards. 13-3, san francisco at the half. i mentioned crabtree getting the start. his first game in six months and coming back from a torn achilles. a nice little out and up. down to the 20 yard line. two catches and 68 yards in the return. a frank gore fumble would end the drive. he is clear for takeoff again. and right there, 17 yards for the score. he throws for 275. he threw for more than one 50.
2:53 am
150. the 9ers are 7-0. they are now 8-4 at the podium. three is a crowd. >> it is about time he is double teamed now. it feels good. like you said, when you have a guy like that on the other side it relieves pressure off of you. >> it feels great. it is always great to have these two at your disposal to make plays. >> cardinals looking to keep pace. working for the eagles and six yards to zach hurst. td passesfo picks and 34-21 eagles. cards fall to 7-5. vikings able to avoid a second straight tie. the game winning 39-yard field goal inover time to beat the -- in john time to beat -- inover time to beat the bears. his 47 yarder and he pushes it
2:54 am
wide right. minnesota has new life. 34 yards and the sequel is better than the original. vikings win in 23-20. the second meeting in three weeks between the chiefs and broncos. alex smith 12 yards poo passano >> alex smith 12 yards to pasanno. four to eric decker. 35-2 they and they take over first place in the afc west at 10-2. and the redskins looking to avenge their monday night loss against the giants. washington had a 14-0 lead. super bowl champ eli manning throws for 235 yards and this td. the former raider meyers. geno smith completed five passes and one to the dolphins. the jets' quarterback was pulled with a passer rating of 8.3. ryan tannehill throws for 331 and two scores and 28 yards to mike wallace. 23-3 and dolphins are 6-6 and
2:55 am
new york has lost three straight and fall to 5-7. bills and falcons playing in toronto, canada. late four and tied 31. johnson gets into field goal range and fumbles the football. atlanta recovers recovers and we go to overtime. a big gain, but he fumbles the football. falcons recover again and he kicks the game winner 36 yards. 34-31 the final. a little basketball and warriors are in sacramento where the kings lost three straight. golden state 5 of 6 and both playing with little sense of urgency. to the sleep train arena and apparently it is lights out at 3:00. lights did come back on and warriors shoot lights out. warriors up 16 in the second half before sacramento rallies. klay thompson a career high 8-3. steph curry and 13 seconds to go and do mar russ cousins
2:56 am
ties -- demarcus cousins and he wonders if he can handle rejection. 115-113 the final. a much needed win for the warriors. ncaa men's soccer tournament and they are hosting coastal carolina and 66 minutes on the rebound. scoring ends there. 1-0 bears and they are on to the elite 8. they were eliminated by washington 1-0 also the score of that game. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. and what a day it was. good to see michael crabtree back. jokingly he said he had too much turkey on thursday or he would have scored on that play. he looked good and the team looks good and they are playing well going into december. >> thank you, shu. and thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm ama dates for leigh glaser and all of us here at abc7 news, have a great night. we will leave you with a live look outside from our
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this morning on "wld new this morning on "world news now," deadly derailment. passengers insist the commuter train was going too fast before a sharp turn. >> the next thing i know, two people across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> the heartache for victims' families, and what's next for investigators in today's hardship for commuters. chain reaction, a huge pileup in boston after roads turn into sheets of ice. the panic on the highway involving cars and trucks. the unforgettable college football moment at the alabama-auburn game. >> running all the way back! auburn's going to win the football game! auburn's going to win the football game! >> the announcer who lost his voice and the fans whose jaws dropped in the final play of the game. it is monday, december 2nd.


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